Personal Projects

1) Mobile robot with gripper and video camera

This project was realized using a robot with 2 motor tracks, a mobile arm (up/down direction), an optical sensor, a line sensor (Sharp) and a VGA camera. The software used was C++.


1) The robot is put on the starting line and starts the following of the black line

2) When it reaches the finish line it searches for the object it must grab with the gripper.

3) When the line sensor shows that the object is in reach of the gripper, the arm grabs the object

4) In this moment the camera is started and it begins searching a pattern (in our case the plus sign).

5) When the camera finds the pattern it tries to center it by using alternately the motors from the 2 tracks. When the image is centered and it is the optimum size on the camera eye, the gripper opens and the object is dropped in the box in front of the sign.

2) Car game in Java Swing

This game was developed in Java.


1) You can move the grey car up/down/left/right using the keyboard

2) The porpuse of the game is to get as many points as you can by collecting the wheels/money/engines that appear random on the street

3) You lose a life when you hit a truck, and you decrease your score when you hit a traffic cone

For further information regarding these projects (documentation, software) you can contact me at :